Best Around Podcast

Episode 9: Everyone Laugh at Daniel

Laughing country club spaghetti Karate Kid Karate Johnny Alli Crane Kick rednecks tragedy

In this episode Daniel gets laughed at by everyone! Sometime's for good reason and sometimes because people are giant jerks. YOU DECIDE!

Episode 8: All Valley Sub Contractor Championships

sub contractors painting waxing sanding home improvement karate karate kid Miyagi crane kick beach

A whole lot of painting going on when suddenly one of the KEY moments of the Karate Kid occurs. Seventy minutes in and Daniel is beginning to understand.

Episode 7: Come On Casanova

Karate Kid Miyagi awkward date Station wagon Class war Fancy house golf n stuff flies racism sanding labor

I hope you wanted a break from Karate, cause that is this episode! We've got lower class and upper class rubbing elbows, we've got awkward dates, and we've got mild 80's racism. So get in the crane position and listen to this episode of BEST AROUND PODCAST!

Episode 6: Take a Worm for a Walk Week

Karate Kid LaRusso Miyagi Bonsai cobra Kai Kreese Karate wax on wax off walking worms stare down Tournament

In this ten minute section of Karate Kid we get a Wrestlemania level stare down as well as learn the secrets of Karate through car washing!

Episode 5: Get Killed Anyway

Karate Kid LaRusso Miyagi Bonsai cobra Kai Invisible man weed halloween skeletons car crash Kreese Karate Halloween

Adults beat up a bunch of kids in this Karate filled ten minutes. Finally we get a ton of Karate in a movie about Karate.

Episode 4: She Must Be Into Fungus

Karate Kid LaRusso Miyagi Bonsai cobra Kai Invisible man weed halloween skeletons car crash

Karate Kid is ALMOST in full effect as we reach the 40 minute mark. We've got beautiful moments! We've got Halloween parties! We've got car crashes! We've got awkward teenage love! We've got WEEEEED!

Episode 3: Are Those Real Trees?

Karate Kid LaRusso Miyagi Bonsai The Shining cobra Kai

In our quest to discuss The Karate Kid films ten minutes at a time we finally get to Cobra Kai and meet one of the baddest dudes on the planet.

Episode 2: A Whole Lot of Soccer Up Front

Karate Kid Soccer Cobra Kai Karate Danial LaRusso Miyagi Mr Miyagi Johnny Lawrence

In this episode we decide if Freddie is really the hero we think he is? Why does this Karate movie have so much soccer in it? More questions and answers ten minutes at a time!

Episode 1

Karate Kid Freddie Fernandez

Best Around Podcast explores the Karate Kid films ten minutes at a time. In our first episode we meet our hero, Freddie Fernandez.